Herbert Gold turned 94 this year. His latest autobiographical book, Still Alive! A Temporary Condition was called "worth its weight in gold" by the New York Times Book Review. 

He continues to explore the art of growing old as a feisty bohemian in San Francisco, and was profiled extensively in the Washington Post's 2017 series "Driving the Beat Road."

"If America had the literary culture it ought to have, every city would have a writer like Herbert Gold." - Los Angeles Times Book Review. 


A Brief Autobiography

Herbert Gold: “I started writing poetry in Cleveland, the Paris of Northeastern Ohio, but left for Columbia College in New York, Paris in France, Port-au-Prince in Haiti, not counting various dusty and harassed enclaves in downtown World War 2. Somehow I got to writing prose, confining my poetry to folders which will in due course be excavated by my children. Along the way, I’ve published approximately 20 novels and collections of stories (who’s counting?) and maybe 6 or 8 nonfiction books (I’m not a mathematician). I’ve temporarily taught at Harvard, Cornell, Stanford, UC-Berkeley and UC-Davis, but didn’t want to depart San Francisco, my temporary residence for more than 55 years. I’ve had 2 wives and 5 children (this is an accurate count). Isn’t that enough bio? There could be more….”


More on Herbert Gold

Herbert Gold was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1924. After several of his poems were accepted by literary magazines, he moved to New York at age seventeen and studied philosophy at Columbia University. While there, he befriended many Beat Generation writers, including Anaïs Nin and Allen Ginsberg. Gold won a Fulbright fellowship and moved to Paris, where he did graduate studies at the Sorbonne and worked on his first novel, Birth of a Hero, published in 1951. Since then Gold has written more than thirty books and received several awards, including the Sherwood Anderson Award for Fiction, the Commonwealth Club Gold Medal, and the PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Literary Award. He has also taught at the University of California at Berkeley, and at Stanford, Cornell, and Harvard. 

A San Francisco literary icon, and the chronicler of Bohemia for more than sixty years, he has also made friends with authors like Saul Bellow, Graham Greene, William S. Burroughs, Richard Wright, and James Baldwin. It all started in Lakewood, Ohio at Taft Elementary when Miss Collins stroked his hair and told him what a good little writer he was. His books, including Not Dead Yet: A Feisty Bohemian Explores the Art of Growing Old, and When a Psychopath Falls in Love, are available for purchase here and at your local bookseller. 

Herbert Gold has five children: psychiatrist Ann Buscho, yoga teacher Nina Gold, filmmaker Ari Gold, and musician Ethan Gold. His daughter Judy Gold died last year. His six grandchildren include herbalist Sarah Buscho.